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          Dongying city speeds up the pace of "going out" around industrial upgrading and new and old kinetic energy conversion
          2017-11-16 14:07:48 1274 views
          Since this year, with the national "The Belt and Road" strategy to further promote the Dongying city to seize the strategic opportunity to give full play to the textile, chemical industry, petroleum equipment three industrial advantages, expand overseas markets, strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation with countries along, investment in local factories, offices, R & D center, enhance the ability to participate in international cooperation Dongying City, a strong impetus to the pace of industrial upgrading and new energy transfer. Up to now, 18 new overseas investment enterprises (Institutions) have been established in Dongying, and the actual foreign investment is 75 million 10 thousand US dollars.
          First, the traditional advantage industries continue to transfer to the outside world. Sanyang Textile Co., Ltd. has invested 3 million 387 thousand USD in Vietnam to set up Yang Sheng Vietnam Textile Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in the production and sales of traditional chemical fiber textile, yarn, thread, grey cloth, textile raw materials, doubling twisting line and related products. The project aims at the Vietnamese market, using Dongying traditional industrial technology and process advantages in the local deep-processing, improve product value added, covering and occupying the Southeast Asian international market, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.
          Two is "going out" enterprises to enter the new field. Chenghang new energy vehicles Co. Ltd. and India Southeast Asia aimed at economic development and population density of the electric vehicle market demand, respectively in Bangladesh, India incorporated eurotrust Motor Co. Ltd. and Bangladesh Bangpu eurotrust Motor Co. Ltd.; Shandong Haike Holdings Limited company invested $13 million 120 thousand in South Korea, mergers and acquisitions of Japanese companies power Carbon Technology Co. ltd.. To achieve new energy and chemical industry to take over the country and occupy emerging markets.
          Three is the oil equipment industry multi-point flowering. Petroleum equipment industry as the dominant industries in Dongying City, Shandong Kerui Petroleum Equipment Co. Ltd., Shengli Oilfield Combi Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. and other 5 companies, this year in Romania, Malaysia, Singapore, Columbia, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Albania, United States, Kazakhstan, Holland and other countries were registered branches or offices, mainly engaged in petroleum machinery equipment manufacturing, oil field technical services, development of oil and gas and petroleum equipment spare parts sales and marketing business, five continents around the world, to achieve more in the markets around the world.

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